Monday, June 8, 2009

BOB Strollers 2009 - What's the Best Choice?

BOB Stroller Revolution Mesa OrangeWhen first shopping for a BOB stroller, parents or baby shoppers might wonder - which stroller is the best choice? Each BOB stroller has some different features that makes it unique in use - so looking at the choices before buying is definitely a good idea!

Here is a brief breakdown of BOB Strollers 2009 - with a bit of info on each, what makes it unique from the rest, as well as some helpful "where to buy" info...

First, the BOB Revolution Stroller ("Duallie" shown left in Mesa Orange) - This stroller is the most popular of all in the BOB lineup - it's great for everyday use, as well as a jogging stroller. What makes this stroller more unique is it's rotating wheel in the front, making maneuvering the stroller an absolute breeze. For jogging, the front wheel locks into place, it comes with either aluminum or polymer wheels, with slick tires (for onroad) or bumpy, higher traction tires (for offroad). (Even for parents who don't use the stroller for jogging purposes, they rave about the handling and convenience it adds to their lives.)

Next up - the BOB Stroller Sport Utility - The most popular stroller in the sport utility category is the Ironman BOB Stroller. This is the lightest of all BOB strollers, and is the choice for serious athletic parents. It might just be the perfect jogging stroller for onroad running, with slick high quality tires and suspension, keeping the ride smooth for baby and much easier for mom or dad.

Next - the Stroller Strides BOB Stroller - This is the model that is used for the "Stroller Strides" exercise program, used by many women (men too) to get a total body workout - all while taking baby (or babies) for a ride! It comes with the Stroller Strides kit including a full guide on how to use the equipment and get the most from your workout. (As a note, the kit can be purchased separately and used with another model BOB stroller.)

You can find any of these models in the single or Duallie BOB Stroller. Both the single and the Double BOB jogging stroller lineup have received consistently rave reviews from the parents who own them.

Where to Buy BOB Strollers 2009:

Here are the best places I've found online to buy any of the strollers from the 2009 BOB lineup - it's worth checking each resource for price and selection.
  • (great overall selection of BOB strollers, competitively low prices - this company says that they will beat any advertised price - also, free shipping.)
  • (nice selection, also competitive low prices and free shipping for the BOB Strollers.)
  • Amazon Baby - Everyone knows about Amazon, but many aren't aware of their great selection of baby travel items - and baby items of all kinds! This is an excellent place to check.
  • - Sometimes there are good auctions for the BOB strollers - sometimes not, but it's definitely worth your while to check. If you're on a budget you can even sometimes find a "gently used" stroller for a much lower price than anywhere else.
There are the basic choices for the best of BOB Strollers 2009, best shopping too - hopefully this gives you some guidance on which model to buy! I will be writing more in depth about the different strollers available in the days to come.

All for today! =)

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