Sunday, October 12, 2008

The "Peg" Primo Viaggio

Peg Primo Viaggio Car Seat in TangoThe "Peg" Primo Viaggio SIP 30/30 Infant Car Seat

Peg Perego makes some wonderful baby travel products, including strollers, high chairs and (of course) their most popular item, the "Peg" Primo Viaggio SIP 30/30 Infant Car seat.

What makes the Peg Perego Primo Viaggio special? There are two main reasons why parents love this infant car seat:
  1. Safety: This car seat fits the highest of safety standards in the world with Side Impact Protection (Thus "SIP" in the name), as well as it's 5-point safety harness. "Safety" is the best feature of this car seat, and there is no better feeling than knowing that your baby has extra protection while traveling.

  2. Convenience/Travel System: Remove the car seat from it's base, latch it into a Peg Perego stroller (also fits with several other makes of strollers) and you're ready to go!
The Peg Primo Viaggio is quite stylish with lovely colors, and very comfortable for babies.

The 2008 model of the Peg Primo Viaggio comes in Green Bubbles, Tango (shown above), Wave (Blue) and Moka. It weighs in at 11 lbs. without the base, and 17 1/2 lbs. with the base. (Note: the Peg Primo Viaggio Basecan also be purchased by itself.)

Negatives: Some negative comments came from parents who had trouble with the "wings" (on each side of the head) being too tight for the baby, as well as their babies getting too hot in the Peg Primo Viaggio, due to the cushiony padding and material. One mother complained about the seat being too heavy, but on the other hand other parents specifically mention in their review that it either was not too heavy, or it was a tradeoff for the safety aspects of the seat. I guess this point is more of a "tossup" depending on viewpoint.

Overall Review: The "Peg" Primo Viaggio gets a very nice thumbs up. Overall, it's safety features alone makes it worth the price (about $250 for the seat, $80 for the base), and the convenience of having it as part of a travel system will make parents' lives quite a bit easier. It's generally very comfy for infants and babies up to 30 lbs. (or 30" tall), although for very warm climates it might be too hot for babies.

Shopping Tips:
When purchasing the Peg Primo Viaggio, make sure you deal with a resource that provides 100% satisfaction guarantee like Then, if there is a problem with the fit of the seat or the "wings" you can exchange or return it - no hassles.


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