Tuesday, June 9, 2009

BOB Stroller Revolution 2009 - What and Where to Buy

BOB Stroller Revolution Duallie
The BOB Stroller - Revolution is the best-seller in the entire BOB stroller collection. This stroller is versatile, sooooo easy to use and is also quite stylish! But - the most important feature of this stroller (other than it's safety) is the comfort provided for little ones going along for the ride.

If you're wondering what to buy in the Revolution collection, here is some info for you that might help to sort out the options available...

Single or Duallie? This would be of course the first choice to make - and the easiest, most obvious one. The revolution is available in both single and double seaters ("single" or "duallie").

Aluminum or Polymer Wheels? Here is the next choice to make, and is perhaps the one to take the closest look at. The polymer wheels have deeper treads and are best if you will be using the stroller mostly off-road. The aluminum wheels have slick, high quality tires that are excellent for on-road use.

Everyday use or jogging? I can't imagine any parent not expecting to use a single stroller for multiple types of occasions. The BOB Revolution Stroller has a front revolving wheel for everyday use (it works great even around tight corners) - the front wheel locks into place for jogging purposes.

This stroller is an excellent choice for joggers, and I also know of moms who own one that rave about it's practicality and ease of use for everyday strolls in the park, to the zoo, mall, etc.

Where to buy the BOB Stroller Revolution Model: There are a number of online websites that offer this stroller - only two websites truly impressed me with their shipping policies, selection and competitive pricing:
On a tight budget? OK, there is an option that you should check if you're needing to do some penny pinching (a concept I'm familiar with) - BOB Revolution on eBay auctions.

Some words about this - eBay is a good place to find this stroller for a discounted price - you can actually find a "gently used" or a previous year's model for quite a bit less than other resources if you monitor the auctions. Sometimes there are what I would call "slim pickins" in the colors and models available.

All for today!

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