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Ironman BOB Stroller - Info for Shoppers

Ironman BOB Stroller Duallie in Yellow
The Ironman BOB Stroller - of all the strollers from BOB, this one is used most often by serious athletes, and has some features that make staying fit a much easier job for parents. It can be considered the "Cadillac" of the BOB Sport Utility models!

If you're shopping for a stroller, the BOB Ironman may or may not be the right choice - it's a great stroller under all circumstances, but is definitely designed for serious athletic use and if this is not necessarily what you will be using it for, a different stroller might be a better choice.

Here is some information on the BOB Ironman stroller - having this info could help you make the right choice:

About the "Ironman" designation
- The Ironman stroller has it's name due to the fact that it's structure and performance meet the strict requirements of the Ironman Triathlon, and is likely considered the best performing stroller for not only Ironman (or Irongirl) athletes, but for those who take their fitness very seriously.

Lightweight - This stroller is the lightest of all BOB Duallie strollers and yet is amazingly strong. It's constructed from a very tough aluminum alloy which not only makes the Ironman quite safe but a breeze to use.

Wheels and Tires - The wheels are make of an aluminum alloy, the tires have a slick surface - extremely high quality and excellent for on-road running.

There are a number of features about this stroller that also make it practical for everyday use - great storage space, ability to take two children along (up to 100 lbs. each for the Duallie, 70 lbs. for the Ironman Single stroller) and many more "pluses". It can be used as a practical everyday stroller, but there are other BOB models that might better suit your needs that also have these features - if you're not going to be using the stroller for serious athletic purposes. Depending on your needs, you could take a look at the BOB Revolution, BOB Sport Utility or the Stroller Strides BOB.

If you are a serious athlete and want a stroller that will do well with serious and regular running, the Ironman BOB Stroller is one of the top strollers available and I highly recommend it!

Prices: The standard price for an Ironman Single stroller is around $350, for the Duallie the cost is about $480.

Best Shopping for the Ironman BOB Stroller:
  • Amazon Baby - This would be my first stop, due to the fact there tend to be markdown prices on Amazon more than with other online resources. Also, there is normally a fine selection of strollers and accessories.
  • - I love this online store. Both the Single and Duallie Ironman strollers can be purchased here - also along with accessories you might need. You'll get free shipping on any orders over $99, which means the stroller would ship for free. (As a note, I like to support this merchant not only for it's great products, but for the fact that it supports natural and earth friendly products.)
I hope this info helps you find the right stroller to fit your needs - whether it is the Ironman BOB stroller or another model.

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