Monday, June 15, 2009

BOB Stroller - Sport Utility Models, Best Shopping

BOB Stroller Sport Utility Models include the Ironman, SUS and the D'Lux - if you're shopping for a BOB Sport Utility Stroller, here is a bit of info to help you decide which model might fit your needs.

Ironman BOB Stroller - This is the "primo" of the sport utility models, and is also the lightest. It meets up to some pretty stringent requirements set forth by the Ironman Triathlon program - which is really saying something! This is a perfect stroller for using in the city or suburbs - it's a great on-road stroller and is amazingly durable as well as comfortable for the little ones who ride in it. And - it's available in a Single or Duallie model. Retail price is around $480 for the Duallie, $350 for the Single.

Next up - the "SUS" Sport Utility Stroller from BOB - This stroller has "knobby" polymer wheels that greatly help with off-road traction and is a good choice for parents who will be using it as such. You can find this model in a Single or Duallie, retail cost for Single is around $300, for the Duallie around $430.

Last to mention is the BOB Stroller Sport Utility D'Lux model - This model has aluminum wheels with a smooth tread and is a great stroller for onroad jogging - similar to the Ironman. Interestingly enough I have not been able to find this model in a Duallie - although it might be under some rock I have not turned over yet! I can tell you that the cost for a single D'Lux model is around $350.

All of the BOB Stroller Sport Utility Models are lightweight (the Ironman being the lightest), they're amazingly durable and strong - as well as providing an excellent suspension and a nice, smooth ride for little ones. They also provide a nice amount of storage, and there are some great accessories to go along with them that can make like a bit easier! =) If you're a parent that is a serious runner or an all-around athlete, one of these models could be the perfect stroller for you.

There is quite a bit of information to be had on each of these strollers - the information above can help you determine which might be the best for your own personal needs. If you need more information or are interested in purchasing any of these strollers online - here's what I recommend to you - checking each resource will help you find the right color choice, accessories and do a bit of price comparison (they're usually all about the same):
Here's another place to check - you can sometimes find it here - sometimes not, but if you're on a budget it's definitely worth a try...
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