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Duallie BOB Stroller - Selection and Prices for the Double BOB Jogging Stroller Lineup

Duallie BOB Stroller - the Revolution Double Stroller
FYI for stroller shoppers out there - there is a bit of selection when choosing a Duallie BOB Stroller, and it's a good idea to check out the similarities and differences between them before making a final decision.

One of the first things to know is this - all of the Duallie BOB strollers could also be called (and considered) "Double BOB Jogging Stroller" - that is, they are all made with joggers in mind, structured in such a way that these strollers are not only safe for babies under these conditions, but are also quite comfortable due to having an excellent suspension system built in. And - they handle very smoothly and easily for mom or dad while either jogging or walking.

Here is a list of the various Duallie BOB Stroller models available, with a brief description on how each one is unique:

Revolution Duallie BOB Stroller - This is the most popular of the "Doubles" due to the versatility of being able to convert from an everyday use stroller to a jogger with ease. It has a front revolving wheel that makes it soooo nice for moms and dads to use - it cuts around corners and the steering control is like a dream.

To convert this stroller into a "jogger" the front wheel locks into place to provide excellent control and safety while jogging.

The BOB Stroller Revolution is available with different wheels - the polymer is best for off-road jogging while the aluminum wheels have a smoother surface on the tire and handle beautifully for on-road jogging.

The Revolution bears the largest price tag of all the Double BOB Jogging Stroller selection, with a retail price of around $630 (at the high end) and $570 (on the low end).

Duallie BOB Stroller Sport Utility lineup - The most popular Sport Utility stroller from BOB is the "Ironman". It is the lightest of all BOB strollers and is created for those who are either training for the Ironman Triathlon or simply take their running and fitness very seriously. The Ironman features slick tires for to minimize the rolling resistance and is extremely responsive and maneuverable. Retail price for the Ironman Duallie is around $540 (high end) and $480 (low end).

The Sport Utility Double BOB Jogging Stroller (not the "Ironman") has different wheels and a different general purpose - for offroad walking and jogging. The wheels provide better traction and handling for uneven surfaces, including bumpy roads and trails. Retail price for the Sport Utility Duallie is around $500 (high end), $430 (low end).

Stroller Strides Duallie BOB Stroller - This is the official stroller of the "Stroller Strides" fitness program for moms and dads. It's design is based on the BOB Revolution, and includes a fitness kit with a guide and all the equipment needed to get a great all-over body workout all while taking two little ones along for the ride. This stroller runs retail at around $650 (high end) to $590 (low end).

Note - The Stroller Strides fitness kit is available for sale separately from the stroller, and works well with any of the Double BOB Jogging Stroller models.

Best Shopping Info - all Duallie/Double models:
For all my fellow parents, I hope this helps you to find the Double ("Duallie") jogging stroller to works best for your particular needs.

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