Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Jogging Strollers As Reasons To Run

You've probably heard the hype about jogging strollers 2013 throughout the beginning of this year. And while most manufacturers start their reputations out with a bang just to get a few bucks, this time is when all the hype is right.

Jogging strollers have given parents a new way of getting in shape while taking their babies out for a spin around the park. It's scenic for your youngster and cardio-powered for you, allowing calories to burn while junior naps and plays in the front seat. What makes this method an ideal way for parents to regain their pre-baby bodies without sacrificing time with their kids?

Some strollers offer up-close seating so children can communicate with their parent as they're being steered. For example, the Schwinn Free Runner Jogging Stroller puts kids in close proximity of their parental jogger, allowing them to spend quality time while the adult gets a much-needed, heart-healthy workout. The handle is adjustable with a sturdy aluminum frame attached to 3 16-inch alloy wheels to glide over all manner of terrain. Named after one of the best bikes for exercise enthusiasts, this stroller features a large detachable canopy to keep the sun off baby's face, while a 5-point harness system and padded seat provide optimum safety.

For traditional stroller-friendly joggers, there's the Graco FastAction Fold Click Connect. This stroller features a one-handed fold, ideal for parents with rambunctious young ones. The 3 air-filled rubber tires offer maximum shock absorption over rougher grounds, whereas the locking front swivel wheel allows for better control when jogging over hills. Parents can run longer, harder, and faster, leaving children to feel comforted by a deluxe padded seat, multi position reclining back-rest, and breezy canopy.


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Monday, February 25, 2013

Car-Inspired Baby Strollers For 2013

Shopping for baby strollers 2013 is anticipated to be as difficult as it has been years before. However, stroller manufacturers have created a new way to make their products  with easy to understand features named specific items that parents would relate to. Why not cars? These vehicle-inspired strollers have content writers using words like "rugged" and "powerful," giving parents an easier way of understanding the features each stroller is expected to offer.

For example:


Jeep Liberty Limited Urban Terrain Baby Stroller

True to the namesake, this stroller features three 12-inch inflatable tires of ultra-thickness, capable of getting the best grip on rough terrain. The front swivel wheel ensures a 5-star safety rating as it locks for an easier ride over tough surfaces or treacherous up-hills. The entire stroller can fold with a single-hand, while a toy steering wheel is attached to the child's console-tray to add fun and excitement to the mundane task of transportation. It can also accommodate most car seat brands with no additional adapter for parents who don't want to spend a fortune on a new travel system.


Jeep Overland Limited Jogging Baby Stroller

This stroller is synonymous with rugged, outdoorsy, and sporty. The front wheel is fixed to lock over hard-to-steer areas, allowing the low-riding back wheels to take on full shock absorption. The adjustable handle is perfect for jogging moms who want to keep their babies gliding smoothly, while an iBaby sound system is built into the canopy for soothing sounds throughout each ride. Other pluses include a multi-positional seat, 5-point safety hardness, adjustable canopy and foot rest, and a speed-distance odometer.


Jeep Cherokee Sport Stroller

This stroller was meant to glide over the sandy beaches and sloping dunes, just as the car of the same name. Lightweight and durable, it will outlast years of use, withstanding the usual wear and tear of the toddler years and riding over rough terrain. The wheels are built to maintain a smooth ride, while an oversized storage basket ensures all belongings are kept close and secure.

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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Strollers For Double Trouble

When it comes to raising kids, one might be company but twins are a definite crowd! Or even two children of varying ages can be a hassle to transport, especially if you have other kids who are too big to fit into strollers or car seats. Keeping everyone together in a large group becomes a daunting task, which is why the following best double strollers are striving to make things easier on a flourishing family.


Bumbleride Indie Twin Stroller

Riding on 12-inch inflated tires, this stroller features side by side seats for infants to toddlers and every stage in between. Kids will enjoy the comfort of the headrests and shoulder pads, while parents will be grateful for the jogging strap, sunshine canopies, and cup holder. A huge underneath carriage is the perfect place for storage, whereas each seat flattens over top to provide children with an ideal area for napping on-the-go. Cool and funky colors make these strollers a fun and convenient choice!


BOB Stroller Strides Fitness Duallie Double Stroller

This stroll is as much for the parents as it is for the children. Based on the exercise habits of new mothers and their growing toddlers, this stroller is equipped with a single-swivel front wheelm for increased stability and durability while jogging and pushing. It offers a smooth ride, providing kids with a bump-free view of their scenic surroundings. The frame is lightweight and easy to one-hand fold with a two-step process. There's also an accessory adapter for snack trays and cup holders; plus, padded seats and 5 point safety harnesses.


Kinderwagon Hop Tandem Double Umbrella Stroller

Simple and lightweight, this compact stroller features a 2-position seat in front (for 6 months to 40 lbs) and a 3-position seat in back (birth to 40 lbs). One-touch double brakes make stop-and-go easy, while the removable canopies are perfect for those drizzling rainy days or too-bright sunshine.

The Best Baby Travel Systems

Having children is an expense that prospective parents can never truly and ultimately prepare for. There are unexpected things to buy all the time for your little boy or girl; luckily, these baby travel systems are something you can anticipate, planning ahead of time and picking out the perfect pair for the need of your child/children.

What are baby travel systems?

You've seen them and probably never realized it! A travel system in this regard consists of a stroller and a portable car seat. Buying these two things at the same time saves on money, and they're matching designs so you don't have to search for the perfect compatible design elsewhere. We've added a couple examples of the best traveling companions for your baby at the bottom.


Baby Trend Travel Jogger System

Available in a cute unisex purple, pretty in pink, boys love blue, or gaga for grey, this set features a single-front wheel swivel stroller with a matching tote car seat. The stroller is ideal for women who love to take their baby on long walks through a park, or those who have joined a "mommy's jogging league." The front wheel is supported by two thick back wheels for a tricycle effect, making it easier for moms and dads to handle sharper curves or rougher terrain. The sunroof blocks out harmful weather with an adjustable canopy on both the stroller and the car seat. This is also a great way to transport two children at once!


Disney Saunter Luxe Baby Travel System

This stroller and car seat combo is equipped with a one-hand fold and a parent tray with a single cup holder. There's also a snack and drink surface for children, plenty of covered storage compartments, and a peek-a-boo window of mesh for scenic viewing. The colors are based on popular Disney characters, such as the Alice in Wonderland (purple), Winnie the Pooh (golden brown), and Minnie Mouse (pink).

Double Strollers For Twins

It's always a brief shock when a pregnant women discovers she's having twins. There's just more to prepare for! The following double strollers 2013 help prospective mothers anticipate all the things their pair will need without breaking the bank to buy 2 separates of everything. The following mini-list for your future brood of double trouble feature some of the consumer's best; the strollers that mothers and fathers have deemed the most comfortable, convenient, and appealing in 2013 so far.


Joovy Scooter X2 Double Stroller

This double stroller is more compact with deep seating and a 30-inch frame that will easily fit through any doorway. It carries up to 90 pounds (45 pounds per child) with reclining features, independently adjustable footrests, 2 cup holders, and a large moving rain canopy. The bumper bar also detaches for a more comfortable fit as your children reach toddler-age. The entire stroller also folds up with a one-handed release for simple storage.


Baby Trend Sit N Stand Double Stroller

Considered the shopping cart of strollers, this one is available in several neutral unisex colors. The two in-line seats feature a lower front seat for your youngest to sit in, while the higher back seat is for the oldest child. Or you can make it your own little shopping cart by removing the back seat completely, allowing your flourishing toddler to stand on the back platform to help you steer their younger sibling. Don't worry! There's a foot activated rear brake for a parent's peace of mind if your oldest gets a little overzealous while steering.


Mountain Buggy Duet Double Stroller

This buggy is the narrowest stroller you'll ever find! At 25-inches in width, each seat puts siblings close, allowing them to share in bonding moments that would otherwise go unnoticed in a less compact mode of transportation. Each seat independently reclines with separate sun hoods to suit each child's individual preferences.


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