Monday, June 15, 2009

BOB Stroller - Sport Utility Models, Best Shopping

BOB Stroller Sport Utility Models include the Ironman, SUS and the D'Lux - if you're shopping for a BOB Sport Utility Stroller, here is a bit of info to help you decide which model might fit your needs.

Ironman BOB Stroller - This is the "primo" of the sport utility models, and is also the lightest. It meets up to some pretty stringent requirements set forth by the Ironman Triathlon program - which is really saying something! This is a perfect stroller for using in the city or suburbs - it's a great on-road stroller and is amazingly durable as well as comfortable for the little ones who ride in it. And - it's available in a Single or Duallie model. Retail price is around $480 for the Duallie, $350 for the Single.

Next up - the "SUS" Sport Utility Stroller from BOB - This stroller has "knobby" polymer wheels that greatly help with off-road traction and is a good choice for parents who will be using it as such. You can find this model in a Single or Duallie, retail cost for Single is around $300, for the Duallie around $430.

Last to mention is the BOB Stroller Sport Utility D'Lux model - This model has aluminum wheels with a smooth tread and is a great stroller for onroad jogging - similar to the Ironman. Interestingly enough I have not been able to find this model in a Duallie - although it might be under some rock I have not turned over yet! I can tell you that the cost for a single D'Lux model is around $350.

All of the BOB Stroller Sport Utility Models are lightweight (the Ironman being the lightest), they're amazingly durable and strong - as well as providing an excellent suspension and a nice, smooth ride for little ones. They also provide a nice amount of storage, and there are some great accessories to go along with them that can make like a bit easier! =) If you're a parent that is a serious runner or an all-around athlete, one of these models could be the perfect stroller for you.

There is quite a bit of information to be had on each of these strollers - the information above can help you determine which might be the best for your own personal needs. If you need more information or are interested in purchasing any of these strollers online - here's what I recommend to you - checking each resource will help you find the right color choice, accessories and do a bit of price comparison (they're usually all about the same):
Here's another place to check - you can sometimes find it here - sometimes not, but if you're on a budget it's definitely worth a try...
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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Ironman BOB Stroller - Info for Shoppers

Ironman BOB Stroller Duallie in Yellow
The Ironman BOB Stroller - of all the strollers from BOB, this one is used most often by serious athletes, and has some features that make staying fit a much easier job for parents. It can be considered the "Cadillac" of the BOB Sport Utility models!

If you're shopping for a stroller, the BOB Ironman may or may not be the right choice - it's a great stroller under all circumstances, but is definitely designed for serious athletic use and if this is not necessarily what you will be using it for, a different stroller might be a better choice.

Here is some information on the BOB Ironman stroller - having this info could help you make the right choice:

About the "Ironman" designation
- The Ironman stroller has it's name due to the fact that it's structure and performance meet the strict requirements of the Ironman Triathlon, and is likely considered the best performing stroller for not only Ironman (or Irongirl) athletes, but for those who take their fitness very seriously.

Lightweight - This stroller is the lightest of all BOB Duallie strollers and yet is amazingly strong. It's constructed from a very tough aluminum alloy which not only makes the Ironman quite safe but a breeze to use.

Wheels and Tires - The wheels are make of an aluminum alloy, the tires have a slick surface - extremely high quality and excellent for on-road running.

There are a number of features about this stroller that also make it practical for everyday use - great storage space, ability to take two children along (up to 100 lbs. each for the Duallie, 70 lbs. for the Ironman Single stroller) and many more "pluses". It can be used as a practical everyday stroller, but there are other BOB models that might better suit your needs that also have these features - if you're not going to be using the stroller for serious athletic purposes. Depending on your needs, you could take a look at the BOB Revolution, BOB Sport Utility or the Stroller Strides BOB.

If you are a serious athlete and want a stroller that will do well with serious and regular running, the Ironman BOB Stroller is one of the top strollers available and I highly recommend it!

Prices: The standard price for an Ironman Single stroller is around $350, for the Duallie the cost is about $480.

Best Shopping for the Ironman BOB Stroller:
  • Amazon Baby - This would be my first stop, due to the fact there tend to be markdown prices on Amazon more than with other online resources. Also, there is normally a fine selection of strollers and accessories.
  • - I love this online store. Both the Single and Duallie Ironman strollers can be purchased here - also along with accessories you might need. You'll get free shipping on any orders over $99, which means the stroller would ship for free. (As a note, I like to support this merchant not only for it's great products, but for the fact that it supports natural and earth friendly products.)
I hope this info helps you find the right stroller to fit your needs - whether it is the Ironman BOB stroller or another model.

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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Stroller Strides BOB - About the Stroller Strides, Where to Buy

Stroller Strides BOB Stroller in Red
The Stroller Strides BOB Stroller (either single or Duallie model) has been endorsed by the "Stroller Strides" workout program. (This is a program helping parents get a full-body workout while taking little ones along for the ride!)

Pretty handy! Not only can parents get in a good run while having their children with them, they can go one step further and really get in a great workout. This is one of the more innovative ideas I've seen, and solves some problems for parents - such as, "How can I possibly get to the gym?!"

About the Stroller Strides BOB Stroller: The Stroller Strides is designed after the BOB Revolution stroller, so you know you're getting the "best of the best" strollers, and will be able to use it not only for working out, but for everyday types of activities and it handles like an absolute dream.

The main difference with the Stroller Strides is the workout program that comes with it. It comes complete with a kit - including workout instructions and equipment, all especially designed to use with BOB strollers.

Important things to know about the Stroller Strides: The workout program is specifically created for use with BOB strollers. However - There is no need to purchase a brand new stroller just to have the program if you own a BOB already - it can be purchased separately.

Note: If you do purchase the kit separately, make sure to buy a Stroller Strides BOB fitness program and equipment for a single or Duallie, as appropriate. (If you purchase a single program, it will not work with a Duallie stroller - and visa versa.)

Where to Buy the Stroller Strides BOB Stroller and Workout Program:
Here are two other good merchants to check for the Single and Duallie Stroller Strides:
As a note, the Stroller Strides BOB (both the single and Duallie models) are getting rave reviews from the parents that use them - not only for the workout program, but for the beautiful handling and convenience that they offer.

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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Duallie BOB Stroller - Selection and Prices for the Double BOB Jogging Stroller Lineup

Duallie BOB Stroller - the Revolution Double Stroller
FYI for stroller shoppers out there - there is a bit of selection when choosing a Duallie BOB Stroller, and it's a good idea to check out the similarities and differences between them before making a final decision.

One of the first things to know is this - all of the Duallie BOB strollers could also be called (and considered) "Double BOB Jogging Stroller" - that is, they are all made with joggers in mind, structured in such a way that these strollers are not only safe for babies under these conditions, but are also quite comfortable due to having an excellent suspension system built in. And - they handle very smoothly and easily for mom or dad while either jogging or walking.

Here is a list of the various Duallie BOB Stroller models available, with a brief description on how each one is unique:

Revolution Duallie BOB Stroller - This is the most popular of the "Doubles" due to the versatility of being able to convert from an everyday use stroller to a jogger with ease. It has a front revolving wheel that makes it soooo nice for moms and dads to use - it cuts around corners and the steering control is like a dream.

To convert this stroller into a "jogger" the front wheel locks into place to provide excellent control and safety while jogging.

The BOB Stroller Revolution is available with different wheels - the polymer is best for off-road jogging while the aluminum wheels have a smoother surface on the tire and handle beautifully for on-road jogging.

The Revolution bears the largest price tag of all the Double BOB Jogging Stroller selection, with a retail price of around $630 (at the high end) and $570 (on the low end).

Duallie BOB Stroller Sport Utility lineup - The most popular Sport Utility stroller from BOB is the "Ironman". It is the lightest of all BOB strollers and is created for those who are either training for the Ironman Triathlon or simply take their running and fitness very seriously. The Ironman features slick tires for to minimize the rolling resistance and is extremely responsive and maneuverable. Retail price for the Ironman Duallie is around $540 (high end) and $480 (low end).

The Sport Utility Double BOB Jogging Stroller (not the "Ironman") has different wheels and a different general purpose - for offroad walking and jogging. The wheels provide better traction and handling for uneven surfaces, including bumpy roads and trails. Retail price for the Sport Utility Duallie is around $500 (high end), $430 (low end).

Stroller Strides Duallie BOB Stroller - This is the official stroller of the "Stroller Strides" fitness program for moms and dads. It's design is based on the BOB Revolution, and includes a fitness kit with a guide and all the equipment needed to get a great all-over body workout all while taking two little ones along for the ride. This stroller runs retail at around $650 (high end) to $590 (low end).

Note - The Stroller Strides fitness kit is available for sale separately from the stroller, and works well with any of the Double BOB Jogging Stroller models.

Best Shopping Info - all Duallie/Double models:
For all my fellow parents, I hope this helps you to find the Double ("Duallie") jogging stroller to works best for your particular needs.

All for today -

Tonya B.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

BOB Stroller Revolution 2009 - What and Where to Buy

BOB Stroller Revolution Duallie
The BOB Stroller - Revolution is the best-seller in the entire BOB stroller collection. This stroller is versatile, sooooo easy to use and is also quite stylish! But - the most important feature of this stroller (other than it's safety) is the comfort provided for little ones going along for the ride.

If you're wondering what to buy in the Revolution collection, here is some info for you that might help to sort out the options available...

Single or Duallie? This would be of course the first choice to make - and the easiest, most obvious one. The revolution is available in both single and double seaters ("single" or "duallie").

Aluminum or Polymer Wheels? Here is the next choice to make, and is perhaps the one to take the closest look at. The polymer wheels have deeper treads and are best if you will be using the stroller mostly off-road. The aluminum wheels have slick, high quality tires that are excellent for on-road use.

Everyday use or jogging? I can't imagine any parent not expecting to use a single stroller for multiple types of occasions. The BOB Revolution Stroller has a front revolving wheel for everyday use (it works great even around tight corners) - the front wheel locks into place for jogging purposes.

This stroller is an excellent choice for joggers, and I also know of moms who own one that rave about it's practicality and ease of use for everyday strolls in the park, to the zoo, mall, etc.

Where to buy the BOB Stroller Revolution Model: There are a number of online websites that offer this stroller - only two websites truly impressed me with their shipping policies, selection and competitive pricing:
On a tight budget? OK, there is an option that you should check if you're needing to do some penny pinching (a concept I'm familiar with) - BOB Revolution on eBay auctions.

Some words about this - eBay is a good place to find this stroller for a discounted price - you can actually find a "gently used" or a previous year's model for quite a bit less than other resources if you monitor the auctions. Sometimes there are what I would call "slim pickins" in the colors and models available.

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Monday, June 8, 2009

BOB Strollers 2009 - What's the Best Choice?

BOB Stroller Revolution Mesa OrangeWhen first shopping for a BOB stroller, parents or baby shoppers might wonder - which stroller is the best choice? Each BOB stroller has some different features that makes it unique in use - so looking at the choices before buying is definitely a good idea!

Here is a brief breakdown of BOB Strollers 2009 - with a bit of info on each, what makes it unique from the rest, as well as some helpful "where to buy" info...

First, the BOB Revolution Stroller ("Duallie" shown left in Mesa Orange) - This stroller is the most popular of all in the BOB lineup - it's great for everyday use, as well as a jogging stroller. What makes this stroller more unique is it's rotating wheel in the front, making maneuvering the stroller an absolute breeze. For jogging, the front wheel locks into place, it comes with either aluminum or polymer wheels, with slick tires (for onroad) or bumpy, higher traction tires (for offroad). (Even for parents who don't use the stroller for jogging purposes, they rave about the handling and convenience it adds to their lives.)

Next up - the BOB Stroller Sport Utility - The most popular stroller in the sport utility category is the Ironman BOB Stroller. This is the lightest of all BOB strollers, and is the choice for serious athletic parents. It might just be the perfect jogging stroller for onroad running, with slick high quality tires and suspension, keeping the ride smooth for baby and much easier for mom or dad.

Next - the Stroller Strides BOB Stroller - This is the model that is used for the "Stroller Strides" exercise program, used by many women (men too) to get a total body workout - all while taking baby (or babies) for a ride! It comes with the Stroller Strides kit including a full guide on how to use the equipment and get the most from your workout. (As a note, the kit can be purchased separately and used with another model BOB stroller.)

You can find any of these models in the single or Duallie BOB Stroller. Both the single and the Double BOB jogging stroller lineup have received consistently rave reviews from the parents who own them.

Where to Buy BOB Strollers 2009:

Here are the best places I've found online to buy any of the strollers from the 2009 BOB lineup - it's worth checking each resource for price and selection.
  • (great overall selection of BOB strollers, competitively low prices - this company says that they will beat any advertised price - also, free shipping.)
  • (nice selection, also competitive low prices and free shipping for the BOB Strollers.)
  • Amazon Baby - Everyone knows about Amazon, but many aren't aware of their great selection of baby travel items - and baby items of all kinds! This is an excellent place to check.
  • - Sometimes there are good auctions for the BOB strollers - sometimes not, but it's definitely worth your while to check. If you're on a budget you can even sometimes find a "gently used" stroller for a much lower price than anywhere else.
There are the basic choices for the best of BOB Strollers 2009, best shopping too - hopefully this gives you some guidance on which model to buy! I will be writing more in depth about the different strollers available in the days to come.

All for today! =)

Tonya B.