Sunday, May 17, 2015

3 Double Stroller Brands You Can Count On

As a parent, nanny, or guardian – the one thing you need to be able to count on when it comes to brands for babies is dependability. If a brand has a reputation of being less-than dependable or less-than reliable, then it’s a no go.  While there are hundreds of brands out there, very few are reputable enough to match a dedicated parent’s criticisms and expectations.

With that in mind, I set out on a research journey to find the 3 among the best double strollers – each by a different, unique, reputable brand – and I did it.

The following trio of notable, awesome brand names are best known for their amazing, reliable, and secure double strollers.


Baby Jogger City Mini Double Stroller

In an array of varying bold colors, these double strollers are super-cute and convenient for those with multiple kiddos to look after. The seating is side-by-side – perfect for those inevitable poking wars that youngsters seem to get into. And there are peek-a-boo windows on the side that allows curious kids to look at their surroundings. However, a canopy covers the tops in a low-sitting position, keeping the biggest portion of the sunshine at bay.

In addition, Baby Jogger City uses super-padding to provide comfort and coziness in every position that the seat can recline.


Combi Fold N Go Double Stroller

Truth be told – the Fold N Go Double Stroller reminds me of something I would see on an awesome re-run episode of the old Addams Family television series. It is decked in a canopy of pure, midnight black, giving each stroller a mysterious air that is sure to lend a bit of mischief to your young’uns.

However, the amenities and benefits are top-notch, as each of these strollers are outfitted with padding, self-standing fold mechanisms, 5-point safety harnesses, and a convenient storage basket.


Kinderwagon Hop Double Child Stroller

At first, I perused and researched this double stroller because the brand name was adorable. Kinderwagon – so cute! But then I discovered all of the amazing amenities and benefits of strolling along with one of these.

Instead of placing kiddos side-by-side, these double strollers stack them like a convenient, cozy, double-decker bus – only not on top of each other. One youngster can be in back, while the other is in front, and all you have to worry about is the usual hair-pulling and seat-kicking.

Otherwise, the actual stroller is a fantastic investment.

If you are on the lookout for a great double stroller, here is a video to throw some more helpful tips in your direction:

Thursday, May 7, 2015

The 3 Best Travel Systems for Baby’s Day Out - 2015 Top Picks

In my motherly opinion, the baby travel systems to take a serious look at are those that give the utmost comfort and relaxation to my youngster – and I wholeheartedly believe other parents would agree.

Babies deserve the best when it comes to what soothes them, and the best baby is a happy, stress-free baby.

There are hundreds of brands who claim to have the best travel systems, but in all honesty, very few deliver. However, I have found, researched, and handpicked 3 brands with amazing travel systems that actually live up to the hype of their popularity.

Those 3 awe-inspiring baby travel systems are:


BOB Motion Travel System

Designed to be simpler, easier, and nicer for parents, babysitters, and general guardians, these travel systems are perfect for long road trips or on-the-go short trips.

The car seats are comfortable and accommodating to newborns, while the stroller is perfect for when your kiddo begins to grow. Both of these attributes combine to make a single car seat/stroller combo, and they offer optimum safety with 5-point harnesses and the latest, most secure safety features.

Your baby is guaranteed to be cruising in style!


Safety 1st Saunter Travel System

I love the name of this baby travel system because sometimes new parents simply want to SAUNTER along, allowing their youngster to get all their energy and curiosity out while taking a leisurely stroll. Sometimes it is the only way to get a baby to sleep at night, which means this travel system is a little blessing.

There are no extra parts to be concerned with, and the parts that do attach are easy to connect with a simple click. Additionally, where comfort is concerned, the stroller and car seat combine, but the stroller can hold 50-pounds – whereas, the car seat can hold infant sizes up to 22 pounds.


Evenflo JourneyLite Embrace Travel System

Evenflo is one of those brands that seems to have been around forever, and they have proved their worth with baby products – over and over again. Their travel system in particular is sleek, stylish, and super-cool with an ultra-padded seat in the stroller, and foam-lined, cloth-covered everything in the car seat. These two aspects click together easily to make a single travel system for long or short on-the-go occasions, and lockable swivel wheels ensure uphill battles don’t have to be such a battle anymore.

Plus, there are 2 awesome, bold, beautiful designs and colors to choose from.


Video short - here are some very nice systems to think about too - a top 5 list of available baby stroller systems for 2015: