Saturday, April 2, 2011

Best Baby Strollers 2011 - 3 Top Popular Choices This Year

What am I talking about when I write the "best baby strollers 2011?"  Well, when you put all of the different types of strollers together including 4 wheelers, 8 wheelers, joggers and some other types of specialty strollers and you find out which ones parents are buying the most - that is what I am talking about.  =)

If you are mid research on any type of stroller, this might be a good list to start with, based on the fact that these are the most popular strollers out there, and it will at least give you a starting point on specifically what type of model you might want to check out further.  (As a note, a number of these strollers are also available in double versions, making it much easier to take along 2 little ones!)

From that list mentioned above, here are the top 3 best selling strollers this year:

Jeep Overland Limited Jogging Stroller - This appears to be an excellent stroller for either everyday use or for taking a little one along for a jog.  This stroller has a special sound system called the "iBaby" that allows parents to listen to music while jogging, while also being able to "keep an ear on" the little one.  That is one of the features that parents love about this stroller - there are other factors to look at as well.  Recommended Shopping:  Find it @

The First Years Jet Baby Stroller - My personal favorite "feature" of the Jet stroller is the variety of colors it is available in.  My second favorite "feature" is the price - it is within probably most people's budget, and at various places online it can even be more of a bargain.  Another note on this stroller - even though it is priced right and is also one of the lighter strollers available, parents can still enjoy organizational features such as console and there is even plenty of storage space.  Recommended shopping:  Find it @

BOB Revolution Baby Stroller - While this stroller might be best known as a jogger, it is also one of the easiest and smoothest strollers available in terms of its maneuverability and general quality.  This stroller has been on the "hot list" that I know of for a few years now, and parents keep raving about the way it handles and how much easier it is to take kids along for outings, etc.  Recommended shopping:  Find it @

If you would like to check out more of the best baby strollers 2011, I recommend that you check out the Top 10 Baby Strollers page on Squidoo Parenting and Family.  You will find others on the list that may better fit your individual needs, and the shopping tips there are great. 


Best Jogging Strollers 2011 - Top 3 Picks

The best jogging strollers 2011 represent the favorites of those parents who truly are looking to stay in shape while having small children along for the ride.  (Thank goodness for this invention!)

Among these top jogging strollers are models that are sometimes available in both single and double versions, allowing for even more versatility when it comes to being a parent.  =)

From what I have seen, here are the jogging strollers for this year are consistent top sellers:

Jeep Overland Limited Jogger - There will be more about this stroller later, since it also listed as one of the best sellers among baby strollers period.  It has a sound system that makes it even more fun to take a stroll - or a run, and you can also hear your little one while you are listening to music.  The handle of this stroller adjusts to make it easier to run based on your height and preferences.  Nice pick!  Recommended shopping:  Find it @

Jeep Liberty Limited Jogger - Another model from Jeep tops the list this year of the most popular jogging strollers.  Like the Overland Limited, this one also has the special sound system for listening to music or whatever it is you are wanting to hear.  Here is another fun feature of this stroller - the baby can drive!  Not literally, but there is a fun steering wheel toy on the front for the little one to stay entertained and to help mom or dad go in the right direction!  =D  Recommended shopping:  Find it @

Joovy Zoom 360 Jogger - This stroller was at the "tip top" of the list last year for the most popular jogging strollers and it is holding on tight to staying one of the most popular strollers around.  This stroller has such a sporty look and some great colors to choose from.  This stroller will accommodate a child up to 70 pounds, which is more recommended weight than any other stroller available to parents today.  Other great features include a light but durable construction and an ultra smooth ride.  Recommended shopping:  Find it @

If you are like me, you will want to see more picks - and there are some other great ones to choose from.  I recommend checking out Top 10 Jogging Strollers @ Squidoo Parenting and Family to take a look at the ten best sellers among jogging strollers this year.


Friday, April 1, 2011

Best Double Baby Strollers 2011 - Top 3 Picks This Year

Whether you are looking for a stroller to accommodate twins or two very young children, there are some excellent picks this year from the best double baby strollers 2011.

A number of these double strollers have features far beyond that of being able to stroll two little ones - and some of them may have lower prices than one might think.

Here are the top 3 picks this year (based on consumer demand) - double strollers for this year:

Kolcraft Options Tandem Double Baby Stroller - If you have a toddler age child and a baby to take along with you, this stroller might be particularly handy for you.  It has "stadium" style seating - the back seat is propped up high enough generally for older little ones to see better while the littler little one resides in the front.  It also has a car seat attachment, which will match most makes of baby car seats.  Recommended shopping:  Find it @

Chicco Cortina Together Double Baby Stroller - The best feature of this stroller I think is the seating.  The seats can be adjusted to face either forward or backward so no matter what your needs there is a convenient way to handle it.  Want to face an infant while strolling?  Adjust the back seat so it faces toward you.  Are there two little ones riding that would have fun facing each other?  That can be done too.  Recommended shopping:  Find it @

Graco Duoglider Double Baby Stroller - This double stroller can accomodate all Graco car seats and also features "stadium" style seating for older little ones in the back to see better.  The back seat can also lie flat for naptime - and it is easy to set up and break down.  Recommended shopping:  Find it @

Other makes and versions of the best double baby strollers 2011 include a very nifty design from Baby Trend, a double stroller from the (much loved) Peg Perego line and a jogging double stroller from the Baby Jogger family. 

To find more selections and great (low) prices, I recommend that you visit the Top 10 Double Strollers page on Squidoo Family.  You'll get a good look at the ten double strollers that people are buying more than others as well as getting hooked up with some great shopping resources to buy them online.


Baby Travel Systems 2011 - Top Picks

As a parent, I must say that you "just gotta love" baby travel systems.  What could be more helpful and convenient that being able to take your little one out of the back seat (without having to unbuckle anything) and put the baby seat right into a stroller for a bit of a walk around the park?  =)

Many parents - believe it or not - are not even aware of these systems that can make life just that much easier (and every little bit helps!).

Here are a few of the top picks according to consumer popularity of the best baby travel systems 2011 - coming into the spring and summer months of the year:

Graco Spree Travel System (shown left) - This travel system continues to be quite popular after some time and has also received some raves for its security and convenience features.  It is easy to set up and break down, and is also known to be quite easy to control.  Recommended Shopping:  Find it @

Chicco Cortina Keyfit 30 Travel System (shown right) - This travel system has a brake system setup so that it is super easy to stop the stroller and control it more easily in general.  The brakes are linked for that additional control.  And - do you remember your little one's favorite position to sit?  Well, the stroller does - it has a special memory seating system to go right back to the best position for baby to sit.  Recommended Shopping:  Find it @

Evenflo Aura Baby Travel System - This year is the first time I have seen a model from Evenflo come up on the list of top sellers, although I do not doubt the quality of these stroller systems.  Having a number of convenience features that make this stroller a good choice, it also has a 3-to-5 point convertible harness to grow along with babies and keep them safe and secure while riding.  Recommended Shopping:  Find it @

Other choices among the top baby travel systems for 2011 are also quite handy - and could likely be more affordable than one might expect.  I recommend visiting the Top 10 Baby Travel Systems page on Squidoo Family - it gives an updated list of the ten best sellers this year as well as some great places to buy them online, likely for an awesome discount.