Sunday, October 12, 2008

The "Peg" Primo Viaggio

Peg Primo Viaggio Car Seat in TangoThe "Peg" Primo Viaggio SIP 30/30 Infant Car Seat

Peg Perego makes some wonderful baby travel products, including strollers, high chairs and (of course) their most popular item, the "Peg" Primo Viaggio SIP 30/30 Infant Car seat.

What makes the Peg Perego Primo Viaggio special? There are two main reasons why parents love this infant car seat:
  1. Safety: This car seat fits the highest of safety standards in the world with Side Impact Protection (Thus "SIP" in the name), as well as it's 5-point safety harness. "Safety" is the best feature of this car seat, and there is no better feeling than knowing that your baby has extra protection while traveling.

  2. Convenience/Travel System: Remove the car seat from it's base, latch it into a Peg Perego stroller (also fits with several other makes of strollers) and you're ready to go!
The Peg Primo Viaggio is quite stylish with lovely colors, and very comfortable for babies.

The 2008 model of the Peg Primo Viaggio comes in Green Bubbles, Tango (shown above), Wave (Blue) and Moka. It weighs in at 11 lbs. without the base, and 17 1/2 lbs. with the base. (Note: the Peg Primo Viaggio Basecan also be purchased by itself.)

Negatives: Some negative comments came from parents who had trouble with the "wings" (on each side of the head) being too tight for the baby, as well as their babies getting too hot in the Peg Primo Viaggio, due to the cushiony padding and material. One mother complained about the seat being too heavy, but on the other hand other parents specifically mention in their review that it either was not too heavy, or it was a tradeoff for the safety aspects of the seat. I guess this point is more of a "tossup" depending on viewpoint.

Overall Review: The "Peg" Primo Viaggio gets a very nice thumbs up. Overall, it's safety features alone makes it worth the price (about $250 for the seat, $80 for the base), and the convenience of having it as part of a travel system will make parents' lives quite a bit easier. It's generally very comfy for infants and babies up to 30 lbs. (or 30" tall), although for very warm climates it might be too hot for babies.

Shopping Tips:
When purchasing the Peg Primo Viaggio, make sure you deal with a resource that provides 100% satisfaction guarantee like Then, if there is a problem with the fit of the seat or the "wings" you can exchange or return it - no hassles.


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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

GoGo Kidz TravelMate

GoGo Kidz TravelMateGoGo Kidz TravelMate: Product Review, Where to Buy.

The GoGo Kidz TravelMate car seat stroller is one of the baby travel products I have come across that makes me heave a sigh of relief just looking at it!

The convenience factor is great - how many parents I have seen in airports with stressed looks across their faces that could have used the GoGo Babyz Kidz TravelMate?! Wow.

If you are a parent that travels with your little one, you will relate to this - carrying a stroller and/or car seat with one arm, a baby with the other. How are you going to manage the luggage too - or the bags if you're shopping?

The GoGo Kidz TravelMate solves a lot of problems, and it's no wonder that it's become one of the most popular items recently for parents. Babies get to hang out in a car seat that's comfortable for them and that they're used to, and parents can just lock the car seat in place and go. It's easy to use with escalators, whether you're in the airport or in the mall. And - you don't have a large bulky stroller to deal with when you don't need it.

And, you probably don't have to worry whether or not the GoGo Kidz TravelMate will work with your existing baby car seat either - it works with most car seats with the exception of a few.

Negatives for the GoGo Kidz TravelMate: There was mainly one problem that was complained about, that was the problem of getting it through the X-Ray machines at airports, which created quite a hassle.

Solutions: Request a hand-check rather than an X-Ray check, you will likely be accomodated. Another mom who was traveling alone suggested checking the stroller at the gate and getting it back when off the plane.

Overall, the positive reviews for the GoGo Kidz TravelMate far outweigh the negatives.

There are similar car seat travel products, but based on the research I've done, the GoGo Kidz TravelMate is the most cost-efficient, safe and usable product on the market. The cost usually runs around $60 - $80, so it's easier on the wallet than many other baby travel options.

The GoGo Kidz TravelMate gets a BIG thumbs up for the travel convenience and "happy baby" points!


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Sunday, September 7, 2008

2008 BOB Revolution Strollers

BOB Revolution Logo2008 BOB Revolution Strollers - A True Revolution in Baby Travel

The BOB Stroller "Revolution" is a real step up from even the best of the jogging strollers today, and the 2008 BOB Revolution Strollers are better yet.

The main difference with the BOB Revolution Strollers (BOB Duallie/Double and Single) is the revolving front wheel (caster-style) for easy maneuverability around BOB Single Revolution Stroller 2008corners, through the mall, etc. Many other jogging strollers have to be lifted and turned to maneuver about, but not this one. What this means is that those of use parents who use jogging strollers will likely not need to purchase an additional one just to go shopping or go around town!

Nice. :)

Even though the front wheel revolves, it can be locked into place for jogging or for other strolling that requires a straight-forward motion only.

Safety: This is a prime concern of the BOB company, and they have made the 2008 BOB Revolution Strollers not only sturdy, but with great balance so they won't tip like some other jogging strollers can.

BOB Duallie Revolution Stroller 2008Oh, and about the 2008 Bob Revolution Duallie! This stroller is getting raves from parents everywhere for it's ease of motion with 2 children, and performs far better than the "front and back" double strollers.

As a parent I can truly appreciate what the BOB Revolution Strollers have to offer - they make it easy to stay in shape while having some outdoor time with the little ones - and the very little ones traditionally easily nap, due to the advanced suspension features. The ride is smooooth. :)

Notes about age: The 2008 BOB Revolution Strollers are designed for babies 6-8 weeks or older, and some babies may need extra head support while riding. For jogging, 6-8 months is the minimum age. However - there is an Infant Car Seat adaptor that allows for infants to ride, and will accommodate the Graco Safeseat, Graco Snugride, Peg Perego Primo Viaggio and the Britax Companion seats.

Alright, so where to buy 2008 BOB Revolution Strollers online? My favorite place is Their prices are competitively low, and they also offer some of the best selection of baby items I've seen online. As an online store, this is the best I've seen as a resource - for any stroller, actually - and they carry all of the accessories for the 2008 BOB Revolution Strollers that you could need or want.

An additional resource for the BOB Revolutions strollers is, and it's at least worth a check because sometimes there's some pretty nice markdowns there too.

PS: This is my first post on the "Where to Buy the Best Baby Travel Products" blog! The 2008 BOB Revolution Strollers are some of the best products I've ever come across for baby travel, and an excellent subject for the first post of this blog. :)

I've been wanting to start this blog for a long time, and am looking forward to providing parents and baby-shoppers everywhere with the very best info on the best products and some great online resources to buy from.

Till Then...

Tonya B.