Friday, April 1, 2011

Baby Travel Systems 2011 - Top Picks

As a parent, I must say that you "just gotta love" baby travel systems.  What could be more helpful and convenient that being able to take your little one out of the back seat (without having to unbuckle anything) and put the baby seat right into a stroller for a bit of a walk around the park?  =)

Many parents - believe it or not - are not even aware of these systems that can make life just that much easier (and every little bit helps!).

Here are a few of the top picks according to consumer popularity of the best baby travel systems 2011 - coming into the spring and summer months of the year:

Graco Spree Travel System (shown left) - This travel system continues to be quite popular after some time and has also received some raves for its security and convenience features.  It is easy to set up and break down, and is also known to be quite easy to control.  Recommended Shopping:  Find it @

Chicco Cortina Keyfit 30 Travel System (shown right) - This travel system has a brake system setup so that it is super easy to stop the stroller and control it more easily in general.  The brakes are linked for that additional control.  And - do you remember your little one's favorite position to sit?  Well, the stroller does - it has a special memory seating system to go right back to the best position for baby to sit.  Recommended Shopping:  Find it @

Evenflo Aura Baby Travel System - This year is the first time I have seen a model from Evenflo come up on the list of top sellers, although I do not doubt the quality of these stroller systems.  Having a number of convenience features that make this stroller a good choice, it also has a 3-to-5 point convertible harness to grow along with babies and keep them safe and secure while riding.  Recommended Shopping:  Find it @

Other choices among the top baby travel systems for 2011 are also quite handy - and could likely be more affordable than one might expect.  I recommend visiting the Top 10 Baby Travel Systems page on Squidoo Family - it gives an updated list of the ten best sellers this year as well as some great places to buy them online, likely for an awesome discount.


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