Sunday, October 13, 2013

The Best Baby Strollers for Everyday Use

I’ve thought long and hard on this topic, because making a go-to list for the best baby strollers isn’t an easy task. There are parental criteria to consider, safety requirements that are essential, and overall comfort for little ones that is an absolute must.

However, I think I’ve narrowed it down to 3, and they’re really the best of the best. Equipped with everything from 5-point safety harnesses to built-in snack trays, cup holders, and canopies, the following strollers have been approved by parents, brands, and me. They’re exactly matching what the majority of parents, grandparents, and caregivers would look for when searching for baby strollers.


BOB Revolution SE Stroller

Revolutionary would be the most accurate way of describing this stroller! Realistically, the “revolution” part of the title refers to the 360 degree turns that the wheels can make. There are a trio of sleek, easy-glide wheels with one bigger on the front and two at the back. This interesting design allows for streamlined travel over varying rough & smooth terrains. The ultra-padded seat features a 5-point harness for optimum safety and padded shock absorption, ensuring baby feels no bumps along the way.


Contours Options 3 Wheel Stroller

Another 3-wheeler, Contours is all about comfort! A padded, plush fabric is equipped with a comforter, bumper, and fitted sheet to keep your kids dozing through the entire walk. The seat is canopied and dipped, making a nifty napping nook to satisfy the whiniest toddlers. The all-cotton interior also holds warmth, keeping your baby at a comfortable temperature for the duration of your stroll. Aesthetically, the stroller is a gem in red and black with chrome accents and comfort grips to provide hours of easy, effortless pushing on the adjustable bar. Additionally, there’s an “underneath” featuring a cloth bin for simple storage of everything baby-related.


Chicco Liteway Plus Stroller

Lightweight and compact, this stroller packs a wallop of comfort to your traveling cuties. The padded handlebars are adjustable with easy-grips, allowing youngsters to cruise safely in a design that absorbs shock for bump-free travel. For tired toddlers, there are 5 reclining positions that will lullaby your little one to dreamland in no time. A storage basket is nestled underneath the seat, which is a blessing when it comes to carrying all those baby-related items. Cup-holders and snack trays offer instant picnics on the go!

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