Sunday, October 13, 2013

3 Baby Travel Systems from Infancy and Up

Over the past few years, the following products have boomed into popularity! And from those abundant brand names, I’ve picked 3 of the best baby travel systems that parents, grandparents, and caregivers can really get behind. Each one in this trio are amazing because it accommodates a parent’s busy lifestyle, toting children from infancy and up to wherever a parent needs to go. Each one is also equipped with the highest rating of safety features, from 5-point harnesses to easy-glide, forward-lock wheels, and tons more accessories to ensure your child’s ride is effortless, smooth, and accident-free.


Graco FastAction Fold Click Connect Jogger Travel System Stroller

Long name – short explanation! This stroller is perfect because the infant seat is a single-snap mechanism that provides the utmost safety and protection to flourishing babies. The travel systems are equipped with snug-ride interaction, allowing parents to push normally but without the bumps and rough patches that comes from steering over rough terrain. A trio of wheels turns in all directions to make maneuvering 10 times easier than that of a regular stroller. Additionally, a padded interior keeps your baby happy, snug, and protected through the duration of every ride.


Chicco Cortina Travel System

Ranked number 1 in America, this travel system offers the ultimate stroller and infant seat combination. For newborns, there’s a padded, plush interior that relieves the shock of bumpy terrain. While toddlers are seated safely within a 5-point harness, comforted by the same plush fabric. Both seats are multi-positional and reclining to provide the perfect napping environment to children of every age. Additionally, there’s a storage basket under the toddler seat that will quickly turn into a parent’s best friend. Snacks, baby bags, groceries, rain gear, and tons of other carry-along items can be stowed and forgotten.


Baby Trend Expedition LX Travel System

Sleek and fully adjustable, the 5-point safety hardness in this travel system provides supreme, superior quality to the entire structure. Forget that it’s a brand name! This stroller would be ranked high based on the features alone. All-terrain wheels offer a wide range of easy-glide movement, allowing for complete 360 degree turns, and they can stop on a proverbial dime. The unique design makes for an overall smoother, slicker, sleeker ride for both baby and parent. Also included for baby’s benefit is a duo of canopies that are perfect for keeping the sunshine away while youngsters nap.

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