Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Baby Travel Strollers to Meet Your Everyday Needs

Baby travel systems have increased in popularity over the last few years because of their convenience and maneuvering ease. From infancy and up, kids need car seats, toddler strollers, and tons more gadgets that will safely transport them from point A to B.

Each of these baby travel system strollers feature a snug car seat with plush interiors and the utmost in safety regulations, along with a stroller that fits all ages of toddler, comforting them with padded fabric and a canopy to see the sunshine at bay. Also available in multiple colors, the following travel systems are (by far) the best on a long-list of brands with similar features.


Evenflo Journey 300 Travel System

I’m a firm believer that color and pattern helps make a stroller great, and Journey has appearances down to an effortless science. Moms will love the cutesy flowers in pink and black, or the blue waves in stunning turquoise. While looks are certainly amazing for this stroller, the real winners are the safety features and baby-friendly comfort. Kids will feel snug and safe nestled atop padded, plush interior fabric. And the 5-point harness is essential for both the stroller and attachable car seat!


Chicco Cortina Keyfit 30 Travel System

Chicco is notable for making the very best products for babies and their parents! This travel system is no exception. High-quality and brilliant, the car seat fits snugly within a multi-positional, reclining stroller that features an attached sunshine canopy. There’s padding for maximum shock absorption in each seat to offer a bump-free ride for infancy and up. What really makes this design unique are the wheels – they’re tilted slightly, providing a sleeker, slicker glide that seems effortless. It’s comparable to pushing over a soft, smooth cloud! The linked one-touch rear brakes are also equipped for optimum, superior safety at all times.


Britax B-Agile and B-Safe Travel System

This travel system is simply amazing and oh-so-different because there’s crash-control on a bumper at the stroller’s front. It keeps other strollers, natural elements, and odd accidents at bay by keeping those things away. The canopies on both the car seat and toddler seat are UV-protected and cloaked in protective black for optimum safety. For further safety, there are 5-point harnesses that offer tangle-free protection, leaving parents happily satisfied and reassured that their babies are well taken care of.

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