Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Jogging Strollers & Reputable Brand Names of 2013

The various jogger strollers for this year have A LOT to live up to! There are safety requirements, parental criteria, and personal amenities that each brand name strives to exude to their buyers.

I’ve compiled a quick list of the best jogging strollers 2013! They’re all reputable, respected, and pleasant brand names with the utmost reputations and star-quality safety equipment. After all, baby’s safety is number one above all else! The following strollers make it possible for Mom to get back in shape after baby is born. Or Dad to take his little one on a trek through the park while jogging to keep his muscles active and strong.


Schwinn Turismo Swivel Jogging Stroller

Named after a reliable bicycle with the same brand name, this stroller is perfect for early morning jogs. It’s steady, durable, and lightweight atop an aluminum frame with a rubberized, adjustable handlebar for smooth, effortless steering. Most of all, it’s comfortable and safe for baby as Mom or Dad are pushing, huffing, puffing, and jogging across all levels of rough & smooth terrain. A padded seat is multi-positional and reclining to keep your kid cozy while you run your muscles into shape.


Jeep Adventure Jogging Stroller

Another named for a popular brand, this stroller is adventurous and perfect for suburban rides through nearby parks. The trio of all-terrain wheels are seated beneath a solid-built frame, providing generations of adaptable, comfortable use. The memory foam interior molds to fit your youngster comfortably and completely, offering a bump-free ride wherever you jog. Adjustable handlebars add a cushion of support while Mom or Dad jog behind! Additionally, this stroller can be used anytime, whether you’re exercising or not, because when pushing babies, you’re really always moving and working those muscles.


Mountain Buggy Swift Stroller

Streamlined and available in double-trouble, this stroller can be purchased as a solo rider or a duet to match all of your seating needs. You can job comfortably against the cushioned, adjustable handlebar while your toddlers snooze and ride effortlessly in the front seats. The entire contraption is sleek and compact, yet comfortable and roomy in ways only an amazing stroller can be. The wheels swivel in all directions, providing angles of smooth gliding and winding over all-terrain curves. Uphill is a breeze with rear-lock brakes and a forward-lock wheel to pull your jogging trudge along.

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