Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Best Strollers For Babies 2013

Most seasoned parents have brutally honest words of advice for newbies who are planning for the raising of their first child or children. This ranges from moral cues about "picking your battles" to which diaper is the less likely to leave a rash, but there's one thing all of these advice-giving parents will agree on -- perusing for the best baby strollers is essential.

There are so many to choose from nowadays with a slew of new features.

Our top 3 are…


Jeep Cherokee Sport Stroller

Gasp! A stroller named after an awesome car? No way! This baby mobile is rugged to take on rough terrain with a single-handed ease. Folding to a standing position for necessary transport and storage, this stroller comes in 2 delightfully bright colors (red or pink) and features thick all-terrain for scenic hiking trips off the beaten path. The collapsible canopy makes all-day family beach vacations a blast without the sunburnt babe, while a reclining seat offers supreme comfort and optimum nap time capability. An oversized storage basket underneath the seat will hold anything you can imagine for a picnic, stroll through the park, or simple walk to the grocery store.


The First Years Ignite Stroller

Lightweight and ultra-durable to last through the toddler years, this stroller provides comfort and a method of transport for children up to 50 pounds. The classic-style leaves no surprises, while double 6-inch wheels offer a smooth ride over grooved terrain. Throw in a large parent console, an underneath basket for storage, and a removable canopy for a stroller you'll never want to get rid of.


Graco Trekko Baby Stroller

This stroller is straight out of the future! Sleek and super chic, this one focuses more on the comfort factor of both the parent and toddler. A natural recline seat allows for scenery watching, while smooth all-terrain wheels provide maximum shock absorption so nap time is never interrupted by rough paths. The canopy rotates 180 degrees to protect baby from sunburns and overheating at all angles, whereas the leg rest adjusts to make every ride a little more comfortable.

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