Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Jogging Strollers As Reasons To Run

You've probably heard the hype about jogging strollers 2013 throughout the beginning of this year. And while most manufacturers start their reputations out with a bang just to get a few bucks, this time is when all the hype is right.

Jogging strollers have given parents a new way of getting in shape while taking their babies out for a spin around the park. It's scenic for your youngster and cardio-powered for you, allowing calories to burn while junior naps and plays in the front seat. What makes this method an ideal way for parents to regain their pre-baby bodies without sacrificing time with their kids?

Some strollers offer up-close seating so children can communicate with their parent as they're being steered. For example, the Schwinn Free Runner Jogging Stroller puts kids in close proximity of their parental jogger, allowing them to spend quality time while the adult gets a much-needed, heart-healthy workout. The handle is adjustable with a sturdy aluminum frame attached to 3 16-inch alloy wheels to glide over all manner of terrain. Named after one of the best bikes for exercise enthusiasts, this stroller features a large detachable canopy to keep the sun off baby's face, while a 5-point harness system and padded seat provide optimum safety.

For traditional stroller-friendly joggers, there's the Graco FastAction Fold Click Connect. This stroller features a one-handed fold, ideal for parents with rambunctious young ones. The 3 air-filled rubber tires offer maximum shock absorption over rougher grounds, whereas the locking front swivel wheel allows for better control when jogging over hills. Parents can run longer, harder, and faster, leaving children to feel comforted by a deluxe padded seat, multi position reclining back-rest, and breezy canopy.


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