Monday, February 25, 2013

Car-Inspired Baby Strollers For 2013

Shopping for baby strollers 2013 is anticipated to be as difficult as it has been years before. However, stroller manufacturers have created a new way to make their products  with easy to understand features named specific items that parents would relate to. Why not cars? These vehicle-inspired strollers have content writers using words like "rugged" and "powerful," giving parents an easier way of understanding the features each stroller is expected to offer.

For example:


Jeep Liberty Limited Urban Terrain Baby Stroller

True to the namesake, this stroller features three 12-inch inflatable tires of ultra-thickness, capable of getting the best grip on rough terrain. The front swivel wheel ensures a 5-star safety rating as it locks for an easier ride over tough surfaces or treacherous up-hills. The entire stroller can fold with a single-hand, while a toy steering wheel is attached to the child's console-tray to add fun and excitement to the mundane task of transportation. It can also accommodate most car seat brands with no additional adapter for parents who don't want to spend a fortune on a new travel system.


Jeep Overland Limited Jogging Baby Stroller

This stroller is synonymous with rugged, outdoorsy, and sporty. The front wheel is fixed to lock over hard-to-steer areas, allowing the low-riding back wheels to take on full shock absorption. The adjustable handle is perfect for jogging moms who want to keep their babies gliding smoothly, while an iBaby sound system is built into the canopy for soothing sounds throughout each ride. Other pluses include a multi-positional seat, 5-point safety hardness, adjustable canopy and foot rest, and a speed-distance odometer.


Jeep Cherokee Sport Stroller

This stroller was meant to glide over the sandy beaches and sloping dunes, just as the car of the same name. Lightweight and durable, it will outlast years of use, withstanding the usual wear and tear of the toddler years and riding over rough terrain. The wheels are built to maintain a smooth ride, while an oversized storage basket ensures all belongings are kept close and secure.

Find the top picks for this year in single baby strollers:

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