Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Best Baby Travel Systems

Having children is an expense that prospective parents can never truly and ultimately prepare for. There are unexpected things to buy all the time for your little boy or girl; luckily, these baby travel systems are something you can anticipate, planning ahead of time and picking out the perfect pair for the need of your child/children.

What are baby travel systems?

You've seen them and probably never realized it! A travel system in this regard consists of a stroller and a portable car seat. Buying these two things at the same time saves on money, and they're matching designs so you don't have to search for the perfect compatible design elsewhere. We've added a couple examples of the best traveling companions for your baby at the bottom.


Baby Trend Travel Jogger System

Available in a cute unisex purple, pretty in pink, boys love blue, or gaga for grey, this set features a single-front wheel swivel stroller with a matching tote car seat. The stroller is ideal for women who love to take their baby on long walks through a park, or those who have joined a "mommy's jogging league." The front wheel is supported by two thick back wheels for a tricycle effect, making it easier for moms and dads to handle sharper curves or rougher terrain. The sunroof blocks out harmful weather with an adjustable canopy on both the stroller and the car seat. This is also a great way to transport two children at once!


Disney Saunter Luxe Baby Travel System

This stroller and car seat combo is equipped with a one-hand fold and a parent tray with a single cup holder. There's also a snack and drink surface for children, plenty of covered storage compartments, and a peek-a-boo window of mesh for scenic viewing. The colors are based on popular Disney characters, such as the Alice in Wonderland (purple), Winnie the Pooh (golden brown), and Minnie Mouse (pink).

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