Saturday, April 2, 2011

Best Baby Strollers 2011 - 3 Top Popular Choices This Year

What am I talking about when I write the "best baby strollers 2011?"  Well, when you put all of the different types of strollers together including 4 wheelers, 8 wheelers, joggers and some other types of specialty strollers and you find out which ones parents are buying the most - that is what I am talking about.  =)

If you are mid research on any type of stroller, this might be a good list to start with, based on the fact that these are the most popular strollers out there, and it will at least give you a starting point on specifically what type of model you might want to check out further.  (As a note, a number of these strollers are also available in double versions, making it much easier to take along 2 little ones!)

From that list mentioned above, here are the top 3 best selling strollers this year:

Jeep Overland Limited Jogging Stroller - This appears to be an excellent stroller for either everyday use or for taking a little one along for a jog.  This stroller has a special sound system called the "iBaby" that allows parents to listen to music while jogging, while also being able to "keep an ear on" the little one.  That is one of the features that parents love about this stroller - there are other factors to look at as well.  Recommended Shopping:  Find it @

The First Years Jet Baby Stroller - My personal favorite "feature" of the Jet stroller is the variety of colors it is available in.  My second favorite "feature" is the price - it is within probably most people's budget, and at various places online it can even be more of a bargain.  Another note on this stroller - even though it is priced right and is also one of the lighter strollers available, parents can still enjoy organizational features such as console and there is even plenty of storage space.  Recommended shopping:  Find it @

BOB Revolution Baby Stroller - While this stroller might be best known as a jogger, it is also one of the easiest and smoothest strollers available in terms of its maneuverability and general quality.  This stroller has been on the "hot list" that I know of for a few years now, and parents keep raving about the way it handles and how much easier it is to take kids along for outings, etc.  Recommended shopping:  Find it @

If you would like to check out more of the best baby strollers 2011, I recommend that you check out the Top 10 Baby Strollers page on Squidoo Parenting and Family.  You will find others on the list that may better fit your individual needs, and the shopping tips there are great. 


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