Tuesday, September 16, 2008

GoGo Kidz TravelMate

GoGo Kidz TravelMateGoGo Kidz TravelMate: Product Review, Where to Buy.

The GoGo Kidz TravelMate car seat stroller is one of the baby travel products I have come across that makes me heave a sigh of relief just looking at it!

The convenience factor is great - how many parents I have seen in airports with stressed looks across their faces that could have used the GoGo Babyz Kidz TravelMate?! Wow.

If you are a parent that travels with your little one, you will relate to this - carrying a stroller and/or car seat with one arm, a baby with the other. How are you going to manage the luggage too - or the bags if you're shopping?

The GoGo Kidz TravelMate solves a lot of problems, and it's no wonder that it's become one of the most popular items recently for parents. Babies get to hang out in a car seat that's comfortable for them and that they're used to, and parents can just lock the car seat in place and go. It's easy to use with escalators, whether you're in the airport or in the mall. And - you don't have a large bulky stroller to deal with when you don't need it.

And, you probably don't have to worry whether or not the GoGo Kidz TravelMate will work with your existing baby car seat either - it works with most car seats with the exception of a few.

Negatives for the GoGo Kidz TravelMate: There was mainly one problem that was complained about, that was the problem of getting it through the X-Ray machines at airports, which created quite a hassle.

Solutions: Request a hand-check rather than an X-Ray check, you will likely be accomodated. Another mom who was traveling alone suggested checking the stroller at the gate and getting it back when off the plane.

Overall, the positive reviews for the GoGo Kidz TravelMate far outweigh the negatives.

There are similar car seat travel products, but based on the research I've done, the GoGo Kidz TravelMate is the most cost-efficient, safe and usable product on the market. The cost usually runs around $60 - $80, so it's easier on the wallet than many other baby travel options.

The GoGo Kidz TravelMate gets a BIG thumbs up for the travel convenience and "happy baby" points!


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