Sunday, February 28, 2016

3 of the Best Baby Strollers for Moms & Dads in 2016

There are several features that go into making the best baby strollers in 2016, like lightweight, comfort, convenience, and safety equipment above all.

After scouring the inter-webs, retail stores, and testing out a few of these for myself, I have handpicked 3 of what I consider to be the best of the best baby strollers for moms and dads this year.

Graco, Baby Trend, and Baby Jogger are top-notch brands, and each of them is represented in this list of superior three. Where one or two strollers come with all-encompassing, complete canopies, another might feature a convenient storage basket beneath the seat. However, all of these include amazing safety features, like 5-point harnesses and front-lock wheels.

Without further ado:


Baby Jogger City Mini GT Single Stroller

This single stroller is an adorable addition to your city-trekking, baby-carrying repertoire. Sleek and streamlined for foldable, durable convenience, the stroller features a padded interior seat, canopied top, and undercarriage storage compartment.

There are several trim colors available, but black on black is the most popular—it goes with everything. Ha!

Personally, I love the canopied top because it comes down further than the usual stroller canopy, keeping inclement weather, like rain and snow, and direct sunshine off of your baby.


Graco Relay Click Connect Single Jogger Stroller

The Relay Click Connect is a high-performance stroller designed for active parents, like joggers and regular exercisers, who want to spend time with their youngsters while maintaining good health and fitness.

The streamlined design is compact and sleek with a single, smooth-rolling wheel in front and two larger, flowing wheels in back. The wheels are designed this way to give your smoother, better traction and grip on rougher pavements.

Of course this strollers also includes an undercarriage storage basket, snack/drink tray, and grip-easy handlebar.


Baby Trend Expedition Single Jogger Stroller

I think of this stroller as adventurous and exciting for moms and dad with those same qualities.

The Expedition could be for anything.

You might want to take a trek on a hiking trail with your baby in tow.

The all-terrain wheels and excellent shock absorption will get you and your little one to the peak without incident or discomfort.

Or, perhaps a nice neighborhood stroll would be a good starting point for you and your babe. Then you can build up to bigger, better, more exciting ventures. Wink!


Finding just the right single stroller doesn't have to be a tough ordeal.  =)  Here is another list (video) to help you along your way:

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