Monday, March 2, 2015

The 3 Most Comfortable Baby Stroller Options in 2015

Congratulations to you and yours on the birth of your little bundle of joy! Babies are oh-so fickle when it comes to comfort because every little discomfort is literally the worst kind of discomfort that they have ever felt. Therefore, extra padding and the ability to recline are must-haves for a brand to achieve a notable nod from our short list of the best baby strollers.

The following baby strollers are designed to be the most comfortable that a baby could ask for – if a baby could ask. Their one-handed folding designs and lightweight, convenient carry-all systems make them winners on the lists of parents, too.

My 3 picks are:


Stokke Xplory Baby Stroller

These baby strollers are my favorite because they are accommodating to newborns. Instead of toting your kiddo around in a pack on your back, you can fit your wee bundle-of-baby onto a comfortable, padded seat that reclines ever-so slightly.

Parents are given the option of grasping the handlebar in a variety of ways, for the sake of comfort and personal preference. And you can flip the backward facing ‘car-style seat’ to face forward as the baby gets older and bigger.


Graco LiteRider Classic Connect Stroller

There are varying colors of these baby strollers, and each color has a unique name – which makes them super-cool in my book. However, that isn’t their biggest must-have amenity.

These strollers have several beloved benefits that make them top-notch in the baby product market. For example, an extra-large basket accommodates everything your kiddo needs in a stow-away compartment, and parents get their own snacking and drink tray up top. Plus, the wheels are smooth-rolling – so, if your baby is napping while on their leisurely stroll, pavement or ground bumps are absorbed to keep your youngster sleeping peacefully.


The First Years Jet Stroller

These strollers are durable, reliable, lightweight, and inexpensive – all things that make a great first impression on prospective buyers who also happen to be doting parents to newborns or toddlers.

In addition to being adorable and versatile, each of the City Chic strollers are multi-positional to provide the utmost comfort for your little lady or gentleman.

A 5-point safety harness snaps across their lap and chest easily, keeping baby secure at all times, and the smooth-rolling wheels ensure maximum shock absorption. Plus, these strollers conveniently, easily fold away into compact units for quick, simple storage, anywhere.


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Here is a fun little "list vid" - the top-selling and top-rated single baby strollers for this year:

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